What You Should Know about Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Every state has its own set of standards that they require their drivers to adhere to. Knowing in advance the mandatory requirements of coverage plus additional information pertinent to your state is important when securing your auto insurance.

If you are a resident and purchasing Pennsylvania auto insurance there are a few points you should arm yourself with before meeting with a car insurance agent. First, Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. This means that your insurance will cover you if you have an accident whether you were or were not at fault. Many states use this type of status to cut down on the number of frivolous lawsuits that clog up the legal system. Some people see a minor accident as an opportunity to seek major damages even when they are not warranted.

Every state requires mandatory liability coverage. In the state of Pennsylvania drivers are required to have liability coverage as well as no-fault medical coverage. The bodily injury coverage must be at least in the amounts of $15,000 for each person in each accident with a total coverage of $30,000 for each accident. The property damage coverage must be $5,000 for each accident.

You must have insurance to drive in Pennsylvania and you are required to carry proof of that with you whenever you drive. If you are asked to show proof that you have insurance, there are a number of options that will meet the requirements. You can show the ID card that has been provided to you with your policy. If you do not have that you can keep the declaration page that came with your insurance policy in your glove compartment. You can get a letter from your insurance company that is signed by an official on their company letterhead and use that as proof of insurance.

If you have not received your insurance policy yet you may use a binder that will show you have purchased a policy. If you are a high risk driver the state has an Assigned Risk program that is in place to make sure everyone has a chance to have insurance in Pennsylvania. You can show your application if requested to show that you are insured.

Make sure to talk with your insurance agent about extra coverage such as comprehensive and collision. There are also extras that are not mandatory but could come in handy later.